Private Label Solutions

Snak King is committed to providing the best snack
products for its customers. It's state of the art manufacturing
facility produces a wide range of value, premium, all natural,
organic and kosher snacks including:

- Tortilla Chips, Rice Chips, Pita Chips
- Extruded Snacks - Puffs, Curls, Fries - Fried & Baked
- Pellet Snacks - Veggie Chips, Sticks, Potato Crisps - Fried & Baked
- Mexican Snacks - Churritos, Duros, Pork Rinds and Cracklins
- Nuts and Mixes
- Nut Cubes and Snack Bars

- State of the Art Packaging Lines
- Modular and Custom Pallet Configuration

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